timer for lights

Hi all, I am looking to set up a system that turns a light on at a specific time. In total there are five individual lights which would all be turned on at different times but each no more then three times a day for each light.

I have some electronic experience but have never used an arduino board. Would this project be something that is feasible for an arduino board as I do want to learn about them and wanted a practical application to learn around

Any advice gratefully received


Absolutely feasible and probably a good learning project as it could be done in phases. I'd probably want a real-time clock, so that might be the first thing to figure out. Initial development could be done with LEDs, and if the intended lights are mains-powered, then a later phase could introduce the necessary relays or solid-state control devices. If the five lights are not physically close enough to be directly connected to the controller, then some sort of radio link could be a later phase.

Should be fun. Welcome to the forum!