Timer in libraries

Hello everyone I am working with arduino uno and i need a timer interrupt every second(more or less). As i can see the only way is to use timer 1 and change the 64 prescaler value.(am I correct??) Does it alter any libraries funtionalities?are there basic libraries which use millis or micros? for example SD library wire or other included in the "standard package"?



TommasoS: i need a timer interrupt

...and this...

every second(more or less)

...are contradictions. If the second is accurate then you use blink-without-delay. If the first is accurate then the second is not true and you need to provide a description of what you are trying to accomplish instead of telling us how you plan to accomplish it.

i am developing a scheduler with two loop.A task loop and a "mainScheduler"loop. as i can see Blink without delay doesn't use an interrupt.

to solve i deceided to look at the datasheet and use watchdog timer. And as i can read timer 0 and 1 doesn't share prescaler value