Timer issues with different librarys

Hi all

Ok I basically have a hcsro4 and a rf transmitter on one uno and 2 hcsr04, rf receiver, servo and dual vnh5019 motor driver on a mega 2560.

Now I have been running into all sorts of timer issues, I was using virtualwire but will change that to radiohead soon, as I can use that on timer 2.

But I found this posthttps://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=333860.0

Changing radiohead to use timer 5 on a mega, will this work?

So I was thinking of using timer 1 for the vnh5019 driver, Using servotimer2 on timer 2 and radiohead on timer5 on my mega, I havent used a mega before so will all these librarys still use the same timers as an uno?

I also see servotimer2 does not use angles but microseconds so what is 1 angle equal too in microseconds?

Many thanks M.............

Ok back again haha

I have just been reading and I see the normal servo library that comes with the ide uses timer 5 on the mega

Timer1: 16bit timer.

In the Arduino world the Servo library uses timer1 on Arduino Uno (timer5 on Arduino Mega).

So then I could use the normal servo library on timer 5, radiohead on timer 2 and vnh5019 on timer 1 that should work right?

A Mega has 5 free timers, should be sufficient for most projects.

Take care when you have to modify the default timer in a library. This setting affects all other projects using that library.