Timer Project Advice

I'm designing timer circuit for a museum exhibit. I get a pulse from a coin slot mechanism then I need to run a motor for set amount of time.

I have an eight switch dip switch to preset the time using seconds in binary. eg 00000010 would be two seconds, 00000101 would be five seconds.

I need to be able to cancel the run if necessary with a push button cancel switch. I'm guessing that using the delay function would be no good as I need to be able to cancel the timer in the middle of a run. I've seen a few different timer libraries but my question is which would be most appropriate. Also is there anything out there already made and is there any general advice for timers I should bear in mind. Thanks!

Look at the blink without delay example in the IDE, without delay

That was very helpful - thanks! I have successfully completed the project. The finished code and board layout is detailed here.

You could save yourself time and money by using built-in pullup resistors instead of the external pulldowns you have.