Timer project, HELP wanted

Hello, I have a small one off project, which I am looking for someone to build for me.

I would like a timer that counts up to 10 minutes, after which a light goes on (no buzzer, vibration, or flashing).

It also needs to be reset at the push of a button – ideally remotely as the timer/light would be on a shelf on the other side of the room.

It is not necessary to see a digital display of elapsed time, and the tome does not need to be adjustable – it will always be 10 mins,.

Mains powered preferred, but could be battery.

Ideally, when you press Reset a light would come on to show it’s working, eg white, after 5 mins it would change to another colour, eg green, and after 10 mins it would change again, eg red.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Thank you in advance.

Costs and if you would like to build this would be great,

I would suggest a possible approach:

Nano or other small Arduino, powered from USB phone charger. It has an IR detector
so it can detect a remote control (in principle any remote control could be re-purposed for
this). It drives a few 20mA high-brightness LEDs under a diffusing screen for the light.

Thank you Mark,

Are you in a position to build this for us at a cost? If not could you recommend anyone?

Thank you

You do not have to re-purpose a remote to do this you can use most television IR controllers operating on 38Khz then using the VISHAY, TSOP2138 you can simply either just look for a signal or use a specific pattern from one of the remote buttons.

Cheers Pete.