Timer (Stopwatch) and Bluetooth Notification based on Power On/Off switch


I am looking for some guidance regarding the following, which requires multiple components, ranging from hardware, arduino programming, communications and android programming.

Objective 1: To Log/Monitor usage of Device whenever it is used for more than 10 seconds.

Objective 2: To send realtime timer data (anything session than 10 seconds) to an android device via bluetooth/wifi - Thus the android can display elapse time, including the stop time.

From a process flow perspective,

  1. When the power (230v) is switched on, I need a sensor/module that will start a timer

  2. When the timer hits 10 seconds, it will start logging how many seconds/minutes the device is switched on until the power (230v) is switched off and sending this as realtime (close to real-time) data to an android device via bluetooth or wifi.

Looking forward to guidance.