Timer That activates Lights and Voice (Sound)

Hi all,

I would like to know what components I will need that will make me create system for activating Lights and Voice on a specified time. I have already seen some complete equipments which only require a bit of settings and installtion but I need to create from the fundamental electronic design. I have no idea what the design will look like as well, hence I am asking for assistance.

so basically the system will need a Timer (Not sure if a 555 IC is correct for this design) which will activate a relay on its output for a voice alert (say for instance a notification), then after a certain period, the timer will activate another relay for operation of lights. You are welcome to share any suggestions, say for instance if there is an IC i can use which is more advanced than the timer.

I would really appreciate your assistance.

Kind Regards,

Any Arduino will be able to do as you want. What else depends on just what you want to control.

Turning on lights may need a transistor or relay.

Timing may require a real time clock.

Sound could be done using