Timer with an on off Button

I’m struggling with my project.

I have one push Input Button Pin 2 and one Output Relay Pin 13.

The function should be like this.
if i push the Button the relay should switch on and stay on until
a Time of 15minutes has pasted or the Button is pressed again.

Somehow all my approaches are failing, maybe someone can help me?

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Silver bullet approach?

#include <mechButton.h>
#include <timeObj.h>

#define BUTTON_PIN   2
#define RELAY_PIN    13 // We'll do the LED for now.

mechButton ourButton(BUTTON_PIN);      // Hook a button between pin2 & gnd.
timeObj     stopTimer(5 * 1000.0);     // 5 second timer. use (15 * 60000.0) for 15 minutes.
bool        relaySet;                  // A boolean to track the state of the relay.

void setup(void) {

   pinMode(RELAY_PIN, OUTPUT);            // Set up our output pin.
   setRelay(false);                       // Relay (LED) off.
   ourButton.setCallback(buttonCLicked);  // Setup callback for button clicks.

// When the button is clicked or un-clicked, this will be called.
void buttonCLicked(void) {

   if (!ourButton.trueFalse()) {    // If the button was clicked (Pushed not released)..
      if (relaySet) {               // If the relay is set (active).
         setRelay(false);           // Turn it off.
      } else {                      // Else, relay was NOT set..
        setRelay(true);             // Turn it On.

// We'll use this to turn the relay on or off.
void setRelay(bool onOff) {

   if (onOff) {                        // If they want the relay turned on..
      digitalWrite(RELAY_PIN,HIGH);    // Turn relay (LED) on!
      relaySet = true;                 // Track it.
      stopTimer.start();               // Fire up the timer.
   } else {                            // Else, they want the relay turned off..
      digitalWrite(RELAY_PIN,LOW);     // Turn relay (LED) off.
      relaySet = false;                // Track it.

void loop(void) {

   idle();                             // Let the background tasks do their thing.
   if (relaySet && stopTimer.ding()) { // If the relay is set (active) and our timer has expired..
      setRelay(false);                 // Shut down the relay.

If you would like to try this approach, you will need to install LC_baseTools from the library manager.

-jim lee