Timer with wemos d1

Hello, I am a newbie with arduino.
Can I put an timer on a GPIO output on a wemos d1?
Let's say output high at 7 am en output low on 11 pm.
I have already an sketch with an ntp clock.

Yes, you can do that.

Best wishes for success with your project!

Ok, but how do i do that?

Hi @in0,
do like this:

RV mineirim

my project is an wemos d1 with an max7219 8x32 diplay. and i want a gpio-pin on and off in de sketch. so i can use the timer for an arduino nano trough an relais put on and off.

My english is that good but i hope anyone can help with it.

If you already have a sketch with a ntp clock, you already have the current time.

if (currentTime < 7:00 && currenTime > 23:00 ) digitalWrite(pin, LOW)
else digitalWrite(pin, HIGH);

Based on how you receive the time, you will have to convert "7:00" and "23:00" into some sort of numeric value for the comparison. The easiest would be just seconds since midnight.

Without posting your code, only you know for sure...

Thanks, I am at work right now. I will post my code later.

I can't post my code because I'm new at the forum :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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