TimerFive library breaks library manager of Ardiuno IDE 2.0


I have both version 1.8.12 and 2.0.0 installed on my system (windows 10 version 20H2)
The 1.8.12 version is working perfectly, but the 2.0 beta 5 version
did not seem to find any of my installed libraries with the TimerFive library installed (I used the same sketchbook location)

With the library installed, if you open the library manager, nothing is showing and also under "Sketch" "Include libraries" nothing is showing.

Removing the TimerFive library from the sketchbook/libraries folder, gets everything working again.

How can i diagnose why this library is causing this issue? because it is working in IDE 1.8.12



Hi @jones1403. Please tell me how I can install the exact version of the TimerFive library to reproduce the error.

Hello @pert

It was installed using the library manager
version 1.1.0

OK, I see the problem now. It's the file encoding of the library's library.properties metadata file. Currently, the Arduino IDE 2.x only supports UTF-8 file encoding, but the author of the TimerFive library has used a different encoding.

This is a known bug, which is tracked here:

If you want to continue using the library with Arduino IDE 2.x, you can open the library.properties file in a text editor and then save it in UTF-8 encoding. The file will be located under the sketchbook folder at libraries/TimerFive/library.properties.

Big thanks for the awesomely fast response.

I converted the encoding to UTF-8 using notepad++, worked like a charm.
I'll notify the author of the library that this is an issue with the new IDE,
Will this be changed in an update of the IDE 2.0, so it supports more encoding types?

Thanks again.


You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance.

Thanks also for giving the beta IDE a try and taking the time to report your findings.

I hope so. The discussion at the bug report I linked to above is everything I know about the situation. It sounds like this is difficult to fix.

It must either be fixed, or else the limitation clearly documented and communicated to the user in the event of an error. So definitely something will be done about it. Hopefully that will happen soon.

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