TimerOne.h and Servo.h conflict. Help

Hi. im working on proyect that uses a clock and one servo.

The thing is that the servo library generates a conflict with the TimerOne library, so i need a way to

make them work or some other way to make a functional clock.

Timer1.attachInterrupt(IncrementarTimer); //keeps track when a minute has passed and adds 1 to theminutes variable.

just this 2 lines of code use the TimerOne library.

I've searched this but haven't found a solution.

To make a clock you don't need a timer. Just count time with millis. Problem solved.


You definitely don't need any timer for a time period that long.

Instead of a minutes variable you could have a minutes function like so:

int minutes() {
  return millis() / 60000;

If you need to start counting from a time other than last reset time we can initialize it to the desired value.
If you need to count to more than 32766 minutes then it'll need to be handled a bit differently.