Timers Nextion and Arduino (solved)

it is possible to enable and disable a timer in Nextion with a command from the arduino?

In the nextion display I have a button that activates and deactivates the timer. I would like to automatically activate and deactivate the timer through this button but with a command coming from the arduino.

ohh sh*** this is very very simple!

Serial2.print("tm0.en=0"); Serial2.write(0xff); Serial2.write(0xff); Serial2.write(0xff);


im a noob sry!!

As a general rule you can send any of the instructions in the Nextion instruction set over the serial port and follow with 0xff 0xff 0xff and the Nextion will do as commanded.

Tks Perry !! your help is very good!

After all these problems I learned to send the command above. My project controls a stepper motor and a timer . what happens now is that when i send the command above (through the serial to disable the timer) the stepper motor gives a brief stop.

Any suggestions to avoid this momentary engine stop?


Not a clue without seeing all your code.