timing between sketch commands for arduino teensy+

timing between sketch commands for arduino like teensyduino teensy++ v1

This is a quick psudo code of what would be nessisary to talk to the ads1278 24 bit analog to digital converter would I have to do some kind of no-op instruction or the smallest delay I can do so the clock up and clock down cycle is not too small?

the ads1278 has a 12mhz osilator attached I am thinking about using a 6mhz one...

minimum time for instruction 16MHZ F turned to time T 1/F=T

62.5ns per sclk check timing diagrams for ads1278

1/12MHZ per clk 83ns

program notes: while loop{ if DRDY==LOW { delayns(16); //delayus is the smallest read msb sclk up delayns(83);//may not have to do this clk is 83ns .4 clk is one side of this 62.5 is slower than that. sclkdown delayns(32); read b23 ... } }//end of while loop