Tim's Cybot Conversion to Arduino NANO

Hi All.

Dug out my Cybot. The one built on a fortnightly issue of Real Robots back in 2001.

I decided to convert it to use the Arduino NANO.

I am currently writing a blog on how I am doing it here: Tim's Cybot conversion to Arduino NANO Blog.

If anyone else has a Cybot and is interested you may want to take a look.

It is still work in progress at the moment, my intentions are to make it do what it did and more.
I have added Bluetooth to it as well.

Currently I have done a rough sketch (some fine tuning still needs to be done) for it that lets you:
Control it via blue tooth,
Set it in line follow mode,
Set it in light follow mode,
Set it in avoidance mode
Control it with an Infrared Remote.