Tin Can Robot

Hi there, this is my first post here so I apologize if I'm placing this in the wrong thread. This seem liked the best section to ask this question... :confused:

When summer break comes I'm planning to program a obstacle avoiding robot with the help of the various Youtube tutorials about the subject. I was planning that the outer shell of the robot would be made with a simple tin can, but with modifications so the sensors could peak out (and resemble eyes). I'm worried that the motors and wires might not fit in the can, or that the shape of the can could prevent the robot from moving smoothly. The can I have planned to use is a standard sized can, it was originally a Spaghettio's can if that adds anything. The video I'm planning to use is WireBeing's tutorial: - YouTube

I apologize if I'm being a little vague, because I haven't fully thought out what I want to do with my robot. I just want to make sure that the basic concept works before getting invested in the project. :slight_smile:

I'm worried that the motors and wires might not fit in the can

That would depend on the size of the motors, wouldn't it? A 440V, three phase, 100 HP electric motor certainly would not fit. But, a 6V continuous rotation (not-really-a-)servo would fit. Whether the wheels would be big enough to keep the can from dragging the ground, or not, is also going to depend on some data you didn't provide. Little 1/2" wheels aren't going to work. 21" bicycle wheels will provide plenty of clearance.

Nice thing about a metal can is a never-ending supply of ground points, just like a car. But be careful not to accidentally ground things that shouldn't be, like 5V wire. I'm imagining a thin plywood or acrylic "card' onto which you would mount motors, batteries, Arduino etc.

A twin beam ultrasonic sensor would look very cool as eyes if they peak [sic] out the front.