Tinier: ATTiny4/10 ?

Hi everyone

There's plenty of information out there about programming an ATTiny44/45/84/85 with an Arduino. The project I'm interested in requires a smaller size, SOT-23-size, so more on the ATTiny4 or ATTiny10 range.

I found one page providing a tutorial for doing this using some homemade Arduino sketchy sketch I couldn't really understand, which worked ... only once.

This is the page : http://junkplusarduino.blogspot.jp/p/attiny10-resources.html

What happened is when I tried to upload new code to my chip, there were communication issues between it and the Arduino serial monitor. Basically, commands could be sent to the chip ONLY when the RESET pin was plugged to the Arduino as shown in the tutorial, but response messages from the chip were received to the serial monitor ONLY when this pin was unplugged from the Arduino. Also, the response messages were inconsistent (such as 'chip erased' although the program was still running on the chip – i.e. my LED was still blinking) so I assume the problem comes from the sketch, but it may as well come from my chip that has been through a lot lately...

I'm completely new to this (and of course someone decided I couldn't choose the easy, well-paved way which is using an ATTiny85...)

If anyone has ever worked on this or – even better – had similar issues and would like to share stories and tips, that would be fantastic.

Y'all take care,