Tinker it RFID Kit, Update SM130 firmware?

I have just assembled my brand new Tinker it! RFID Kit taking time to following the detailed instructions from the tutorial on the website

and loaded up the code that this refers to from Alex Zivanovic from the takeaway festival, but while I have the power LED lit, nothing else seems to be happening :(

Is it necessary to update the firmware for the Mifare module? I am working on a mac (pcc) and can only seem to find pc compatible updates?

Also I'm working on a Duemilanove, not a Diecimila as described in the tutorial, should this make a difference?

Any thoughts would be appreciated


Did you set up a serial port speed correctly?

I set up a serial port speed, by clicking on the drop down menu option, is there another way to do this?

Yes, that’s correct.

Try out Marc Boon’s RFIDuino code ( http://marcboon.com/rfiduino/code/rfiduino.pde ) - if it does not work you have a hardware problem…

Thanks for the code, upon running it I now get the following read out in the serial monitor,

! Äçb

and nothing else happens, any ideas?

For Marc Boon's code the serial speed must be 115200


That's interesting, having set the baud rate to 115200 I now get the print out;


and then nothing else

which looking at the code suggests things are working up until reading the firmware version of the chip, so it could either be a hardware or firmware issue.

I've tried updating the firmware on the SM130 via a software tool from sonmicro, but I was told by them that this would have to be done via an RS232 interface. I'm not sure what this is, or whether the arduino constitutes that for this exercise, but I got two different error messages when I tried either 'Timeout: No Response' or 'error! Unexpected Response: FE make sure module exited from configuration mode'.

I would be grateful for any further thoughts


The standard SM130 as used in the Tinker.it kit has firmware version UM 1.3, and uses the serial port to communicate with Arduino.

My RFIDuino uses I2C to communicate with Arduino, and leaves the serial port free for other purposes (like talking to a host over usb). The SM130-mini module that's part of my RFIDuino kit is already upgraded to firmware version I2C 2.8.

You can read about how to upgrade your SM130 in my September 2008 article where I published the first version of RFIDuino: http://trac.mediamatic.nl/picnic/wiki/RfiDuino.

Or just order a RFIDuino, it has a build-in antenna too :) http://shop.marcboon.com

Uh thanks Marc,

But having already spent a similar amount of money on the tinker it kit I would like to try and get that working :-[

Anyone know of any informal meetings / workshops in the London area?


It's now working :D -- on my pc at least...

There were hardware issues, which have been sorted out by re-soldering some of the components.

Thanks to all for input, I will post more information on the project for which this an element, when it's up and running.