Tinkering for money

So, I love working with micro-controllers and electronics, but I'm wondering what job field this would relate to? For bonus points, what degree would you need for that job?


Electrical/Computer engineering would be the most sensible degree to get if you were looking to get into this field. Computer Science, as well, depending on what end of the hardware/spectrum you enjoy most. As far as jobs go, you'd probably be looking at some sort of embedded systems design, automation controls, robotics, etc. Realistically though, there is probably a variety of different industries that can benefit from the technology, so you could always carve out a niche if you can find one. Since their is a healthy market for these things as hobby device, you could look also look at a job that specifically caters to that (Think SparkFun, Adafruit, your own store, etc.).

According to my school, embedded design technically falls under Computer Engineering, but Electrical Engineering works (Or at least that is my hope, considering that is what I've committed to). Depending on what exactly you are doing, Control Systems, Automation and Robotics specializations seem to be common for the Arduino level of things. However, embedded design could also mean Cellphones/Smartphones/Tablets.