Tinusaur SSD1306 Library

Has anyone ever used the Tinusaur OLED library? It's supposed to be very small, and store everything in Flash as opposed to SRAM, thus allowing you to control an SSD1306 from something small like an ATTiny85. However, even though I have all the code (of theirs) compiled and working, I can't get anything to show up on the display. Has anyone successfully used this library, or a similar library that can be used on an ATTiny?


Have you tried to upload the provided example at https://bitbucket.org/tinusaur/ssd1306xled/src/default/ssd1306xled_test/ directly as HEX file - the one that is in the repository ... main.hex file?

Also, what's the OLED that you have, is it the 4-pin module that has only Vcc, GND, SDA, SCL ?

I don’t know about the Tinusaur library, but I’m using a text-only library for the SSD1306 on an ATtiny. A simple “hello world” sketch uses 2.8K of flash and 35 bytes of RAM, when configured for hardware SPI. It can also do software SPI (or I2C on other chips). It is possible to use it for simple graphics like drawing boxes but mainly it’s for text. If you’re interested let me know.

jboynton, yes, please!

Bill Greiman just released an update of his text-only SSD1306 library:


I know this is a bit old but I am also running into issues getting something on the display with this library using an ATTiny85.

I am using a 128x64 I2C OLED from Amazon, which works with the Adafruit SSD1306 library using slave address 0x3C on an Arduino UNO and Leonardo. I tried updating the slave address in the ssd1306xled.h file from 0x78 to 0x3c and it does not display anything. I also tried the default 0x78 and that did not work either. I also uploaded the example hex file that is included in the repository but nothing on the display.

I played with adding some sound code and a piezo and I can hear sounds so I think the ATTiny85 seems to be running the program fine, just no output to the display.

Are there any nuances with this particular display I should be checking?

Thank you

My issue is resolved. I was running at 5VDC instead of 3.3VDC.