tiny arduino on-board LED

this may not be the correct forum. i am trying to find the TINY LED's that are on the arduino board. i don't know what they are called, and googling tiny LED's doesn't work. any suggestions ?

Surface mount device (SMD) LED should help.

Lots on eBay

You will want one that is the right package size if you are trying to replace one on a printed circuit board. You may be able to get away with a different color, Im not sure how much that will effect it, but different colors have slightly different voltages, and may need slightly different resistors.

I think the LEDs i've seen on my uno, and nano are 0805 parts, but im not sure, and if you plan on replacing one of those LEDs, then you want it to be the right size for that location on the board (or you end up making things harder than they need to be.)

0805 is about as small as most people can hand solder.

1206 can be done fairly comfortably. Most of those leds are signal leds.

PLCC(-4) and 5050 are very hand solder-able but they are primarily to provide illumination - can be used for signaling purposes. I prefer plcc myself and use them in place of 1206 leds for signal purposes.

Yet, yesterday someone suggested I buy 0402 resistors.

I have salvaged 0402s and made voltage dividers out of them, but soldering wires on to them doesnt work well, because they are too delicate for wires. Maybe If I had glued all the parts down, and the wires it would have worked better.

I hands solder 5050s onto stiff wires, thats not too difficult. Smaller isnt so much harder when you have the right tools, and a fine soldering iron tip, and tweezers makes all the difference with tiny parts. Some parts are small enough that you can remove them with a single blob of solder, its quicker and easier, than it is with a larger part. Sometimes you can glue the part in place, and then solder it in,and that makes things a lot easier too. If you want to a lot smaller add a microscope, and leg weights for your arms. Disclaimer: I never want to solder under a microscope again, it sucks, especially working overtime.

found 'em. got 'em. thanks