TINY ML KIT - camera failed, image capture failed

Hi, ive got my tiny ml kit...a nano 33 ble and an OV7675 camera... both plugged into the "tiny ml" shield that the kit came with.

I downloaded all the libraries I needed, then uploaded the example person detection sketch

it compiles and uploads, but when I open serial monitor, it says over and over:
"init camera failed
image capture failed
attempting to start Arducam
person score: 106 No person score: -106"

(the number changes between 104 and 108 usually)

I also wonder if im supposed to supply power to the shield? there seems to be a spot for it...so far I just plugged in both the camera and the nano in their slots. does the shield require 3 volts?

why isn't the camera working?

@hillarybasile, your topic has been moved to a more suitable location on the forum. At the moment that you can upload code it's no longer an Installation and Troubleshooting question :wink:

Can you provide a link (URL) to what you bought and a schematic; a resonably sized photo (300 kB or so) of a handdrawn one will do.

Note that I'm not familiar with the stuff that you have so might not be able to help further.

I can't find a schematic. that's why im having trouble...


The schematics of the carrier are available on the store page under the documentation section.
Store: Arduino Tiny Machine Learning Kit — Arduino Official Store

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