TINY ML kit - do I need open cv and Xcode?

I am trying to start an image recognition project (with tiny ML arduino kit - nano 33 BLE and OV7675 camera) , and im under the impression that I need to use software like OPEN CV to create cascades and other necessary functions. in order to do this, do I also need XCODE?

neither are downloading properly...I don't seem to be able to find the right version of Xcode (except for sketchy looking websites that may give my computer viruses) , and without it, the Open cv won't open on my computer

I am brand new to machine learning so maybe there is something missing that I don't see, or maybe you know of an alternative method. any input is appreciated!!!


P.S. is there a way to do these types of projects entirely in Arduino IDE?

Xcode is an Apple macOS only IDE.

you download it from the Apple Mac AppStore (and from nowhere else unless you want to build apps with compiler injected malicious code probably).

there is Create ML Overview - Machine Learning - Apple Developer that can help you train machine learning models on your Mac but it's really meant for Core ML based applications and not what you are looking for if you are just starting.

have you checked the Arduino Tiny Machine Learning Kit — Arduino Official Store

If you are "brand new" to ML, you can learn an amazing amount by working on a much smaller project, which can be done entirely on any Arduino.

This excellent tutorial shows you how to teach an Arduino to recognize the digits displayed by a seven-segment display, and it has all the aspects of a generic ML image-recognition problem.

Challenge: once you get the provided code running and understand how it works, modify it to output the digits 0 to 9, rather than the binary, four bit code for those digits.

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yes I was having trouble downloading Xcode from the App Store

great thank you

I was hoping for something like this! thanks!!

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