Tiny potmeter adjustment


I have this microphone breakout from adafruit and you can adjust the gain by turning a tiny potmeter.

Feel kinda stupid asking this, but how ?
Do I use a screwdriver, a needle ?
What part of this tiny thing should be rotated ?

Tanks !

There is a very small screw in there, just use a small flathead screwdriver. I do agree with you about the fact that these tiny trimpots could have been constructed better. But on the other hand, I use the little blue plastic ones, and if you use them often to adjust a setting they tend to have problems too, even to an extent that they just stop conducting. I have no clue if there are other, better trimpots. Any suggestions are welcome.

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The cross will take a small crosshead or flat-blade screwdriver. A set of jewellers screwdrivers is a wise
purchase, so long as you avoid the cheap and nasty ones.

Thnx, i managed to adjust it now.

I have some decent tiny screwdrives :slight_smile:

I also missed this:

Or you can adjust the gain trimmer-pot of the amplifier with a small straight-bladed screwdriver.