Tiny pulsed tone generator

Hi, I'm looking for a small integrated IC which can generate RF pulsed tone repeatedly.

My goal is to attached such pulsed tone generator on insects like bees, so I can track them on field. I have seen few web pages about such purpose, but those need extra electrical components which make the device bigger. So I'm looking for a tiny single IC for use.

Is there a ready IC for the purpose? The size is ideally 5mmx5mm(without antenna).

Thanks for any information.

I can’t help you with that task, but I assume you’re aiming at some sort of biological survey. Actually, in bug distance units, 5mmx5mm sounds really big. If I were a bug, something like that would very likely impeded me, weigh me down, and make it impossible for me to function normally. I’d suggest you cut some little mockups, attach them to your bugs, and see how they react before you invest too much effort in this.