Tiny RTC DS1307 Shield Module Kit V2.0 doesnt know how to connect, doesnt work

Hello i bought this item: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tiny-RTC-DS1307-Shield-Module-Kit-V20-Arduino-Compatible-/270941621713 I have an arduino mega and and Ethernet shield with sd card connected on it, now i want to use this as a timer. On th ebotom of the page there are two pictures how to connnect it with arduino, when i use the firs methode (where it is conected to the 5V and GND) my arduino starts ant shuts down, when i pull out the cable of 5V it starts again normally, if i use the second method and use the example read files in the DS1307h library it wont work, i think it has to do something with the way i connected it.

Check to see if the VCC and GND pins on your board are shorted together. Look for solder bridges on the board. Sounds like a defective board.

the multimeter shows that it is not shorted,maybe its because of the battery, i put an cr2032 battery, somewhere i found that i can use that, its 3V