Tiny85 breakout board...Will it hurt to leave a resonator in the circuit?

I’ve got a nice little breakout board that gives me an ISP header and pins that plug into a bread board. The thing has the component location for and included a 16MHz resonator. Since most of the Tiny85s I tinker with have no need for an external resonator I have not yet soldered the resonator into the breakout board.

If I were to go ahead and solder the resonator to the board will this cause me problems if I do not set fuses for an external oscillator and upload hex files compiled to use the internal oscillator?


No. I often have a setup where I switch between the internal oscillator and an external crystal. I have only encountered one problem: if the fuses are set to use an external crystal or oscillator then the external component has to be present to change the fuses.

But, I have not tried to use the external crystal pins as I/O pins with a crystal connected. That may cause problems.

Excellent. That is what I suspected. The board is very tightly packed. I did not want to solder the resonator in only to find an issue. Clean removal of the resonator would not be easy.

This board makes a super easy way to program these Tinys without the hassles of a breadboard and a mess of wires.

Is the breakout board something you made or something you bought?

I was going to make one and have Dorkbot make the PCBs for me. I then found these:


At $2.99 each I could not make them myself. Includes everything but the MCU. I bought one each of their breadboard adapters (Tiny25, Tiny2313, Tiny84, Tiny/Mega 48/88 etc). With shipping they were less than $4 each to my door.

Assembly was simple. The boards are well made. Complete parts etc.

I'd buy from them again in a heartbeat.

Nice. Thanks.