TINY85 programmer question

My first post, new to Arduino. I want to do a project using the TINY85 and just ordered the programmer.

It says to install Arduino first and then the ATTINY add on.

My question is, do I need an Arduino board to properly install Arduino (because I don't have one) -- my intent really is JUST using a TINY85 for something.

Will Arduino install (Win 7) without a board? -- thank you

You install the IDE on your PC. It'd never fit on a board. You add the files for your Tiny so the IDE can output to it.

ATtiny chips do not support what they don't have for hardware. If it works on an Uno, it might on a Tiny, might not.

You can program AVRs on a breadboard with most Arduinos able to serve as programmer.

I would recommend this core for developing ATTINY85 etc code. It integrates with the Arduino IDE and the author (Dr Azzy) is a regular user of this forum and will answer questions.

I've just noticed that he has answered your other related post on this forum