TinyGPS++ and U8G2 confict?

When I first configured this project I used a Mega and never experienced this problem. But now that I have re-configured using a Teensy LC it has become an issue.
I have a OLED display (spi) and an Adafruit ultimate GPS.
After an upload, when I have enable a “u8g2.sendBuffer()” the serial monitor shows ‘0’ sats found for several minutes, then will finally start showing the correct nbr of sats.
If I comment out the " u8g2.sendBuffer();" and upload the same code, the correct nbr of sats is immediately reported. Any ideas?

Further testing shows that if I do not execute the “send buffer” until I show a non-zero nbr of sats, everything seem to work just fine. Originally , I sent a message showing ‘no sats’ until a non-zero showed up. Now I do not send anything to the OLED until I have some sats and it works.

// Date Written: May 5,2019
// Author: Dave Garner
// Base code is from  Yvan @ https://Brainy-Bits.com
// Processor: Arduino Mega
// Input Adafruit Ultimate GPS
// Output: 1.5" OLED display

// This code resides in my '36 Chevy Street rod and is used to display the following
// information on a 1.5" OLED display mounted above the interior rear view mirror.

// Direction of travel
// Elevation
// Direction and distance to my home.

#include <U8g2lib.h>  // U8g2 Library for Oled https://github.com/olikraus/u8g2
#include <Math.h>
#include <TinyGPS++.h>
TinyGPSPlus gps;

char CSats[3] ="00";
char CAlt[5];
char CDis[5];
char CAngle[4] ="xxx";
long IAlt;
const char *cardinalHeading ;
int StringPixilLength ;
char HomeString[10];  

 static const double Home_LAT = 38.896565, Home_LON = -121.07689;   // test (Aubrun CA)

 // static const double Home_LAT = 38.652807, Home_LON = -121.153539;   // my home address

// U8g2 Library SPI, Full Frame Buffer mode 

// U8G2_SSD1327_MIDAS_128X128_F_4W_SW_SPI      (rotation, clock, data, cs, dc [, reset]) // Teensy LC
   U8G2_SSD1327_MIDAS_128X128_F_4W_SW_SPI  u8g2(U8G2_R0 ,     5,    6,  4,  3  ,   2) ;

void setup() 
//  Serial.begin(9600);
  Serial.println("---- Fire this Baby up! -------");
  u8g2.setContrast(200);  // 0 to 255
//  delay (5000) ;
void loop()
//---------------------------------------- Grab and format the satellite info -----------------------------  
//  Serial.print("Serial1.available() ");  Serial.println(Serial1.available());
  while (Serial1.available())
//---------------------------------------- Wait till there are at least 4 sats -----------------------------
    sprintf(CSats, "%02lu",gps.satellites.value());
    Serial.print("satellites.value--");  Serial.println(CSats);  
    u8g2.drawStr(00, 30, CSats);
//    u8g2.setFont(u8g2_font_fub25_tr); 
 //  u8g2.drawStr(10, 100, "No Fix!");   

// enabling the line below will cause Tinygps to return '0' for a long time (minutes) after an upload and 
// then start sending the correct info.
// Disable it and I get the correct nbr of sats immediatly.