TinyGPS + SIM900 Help PWEASE!! [Solved]

Hello, im new to programming and thought id give shields a playing with. I went to maplins (UK STORE) to purchase some LED’s for a project and left with a Linksprite GPRS shield and a SIM900 Shield. Soo far, ive managed to combine two example codes to give me a GPS reading (in the serial monitor) and a test SMS text.

Now my problem occurs when trying to combine both GPS and SIM900 examples together to send GPS coordinates VIA SMS. This is what ive achieved (or not) so far. (.Ino File attached)

Ive tried many options, and before you ask i get correct GPS co-ordinates and it modifying it sends a SMS to my phone.

Pwease help me :slight_smile:

P.S Im new to this forum, so forgive me if your unhappy with the way i structure things. Thank YOU

Hardware Used: Arduino UNO R3, LinkSprite GPRS V1, LinkSprite GSM V2.0B

http://linksprite.com/wiki/index.php5?title=SIM900_GPRS/GSM_Shield [GSM SHIELD]
http://linksprite.com/wiki/index.php5?title=GPS_Shield_With_SD_Card_Slot_for_Arduino_V2.0_B [GPS SHIELD]

Update : I understand that only one SoftwareSerial can be read at one time (with the UNO), at this initial stage, im trying to store a GPS long/lat/time value and send that via SMS. Ive been at it for a while now and im just getting a 0 every time.

Update: OK, erm where do i start, im stoopid, the simplest solution (which i overlooked), works great. Once im done writing up a full proper version i will upload to share. Chao

V1Dot6.ino (2.8 KB)