TinyGPS++ with NEO 6M U blox

I have NEO 6M Ublox shiel GPS working with Arduino Uno R3. Serial connection on pin 1 and 0 . This combination with TinyGPS is working well but with TinyGPS++ all the exemple sketch from library return just ******** or 0 . I try to change the rate beetwin GPS and arduino and serial baud rate transmision but same result. Sometime i saw quicly the last digit , after to change into the *.

Is some rate winning combination or other some fine tuning for good working in this combinations?


What are you using to read the data from the GPS? Serial monitor, LCD, ...)? It may help if you post your code and a description or schematic of your project wiring.

I have GPs shield NEo + 2.8" TFT shield + arduino uno. I use all the exemple code prom the Tiny GPS++ library and no one it woks. If you ask me why i'm so headstrong of Tiny GPS ++ is becouse this library have more options and simple commands.

Mean time i have a new problem with this combination. The UNO is too busy to process the GPS data and i have delay on the rest of the code. Is possible to set the read data from GPS just from time to time ?

Thx a lot for your patience!

Is possible to set the read data from GPS just from time to time ?


Is you just wanted a fix every 60 secs for example, you start reading the GPS and keep reading it until you get an updated fix. Once you have the updated fix you process it and go back to sleep till the next time.