TinyML sine wave having issues with plotting 0

I have run into an issue where IDE is plotting 0 on the the serial plotter. The project I am working on is the TinyML sine wave which has a YouTube video. The problem I am having is when I try to use a model that has over 16 neurons in a layer the prediction in Colab is a sine wave but the plotter in IDE plots a straight 0. This happens for any amount of layers except for x neurons of 1 layer. I do not know if this is an IDE restriction of what, I've tried to search the issue but to no avail.

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I wanted to ask if the resulting graph that is plotting 0 due to a restriction of IDE, the arduino 33 nano ble board, or something else? The reasoning is because for ML model with less than 16 neurons in a layer the plotter does and should plot a sine wave.

My crystal ball says... "something else"

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