TinyOS Bluetooth Bee shield

Like may other users I was tempted into buying the TinyOS Bluetooth Bee Shield because of the low price. I quickly realised that there was very little information available on the internet, most people trying to find out how it worked. After a few unsucessfull attepts at geting it to work I have managed to get it all to work.

As usual now its working it is blindingly obvious how simple it all is. I have posted three simple sketches showing using hardware serial port, software serial and how to change the AT commands on github at GitHub - rydepier/TinyOS-Bluetooth-Shield: Using a TinyOS Bluetooth Shield with an Arduino as well as a short description on how to set it all up.

Interestingly enough it works straight out of the box for hardware serial port using pins 0 and 1 and any bluetooth sketch using the hardware serial port will work. There is a small two way switch marked UART/DLine, move the switch to UART. Make sure the two small white switches on the Bluetooth Bee board are moved over towards pin 10 of the Bluetooth Bee and it should work at a speed of 9600

Without some soldering the board will not work with Software Serial. The Bluetooth RX and TX are taken over towards the arduino header pins 0 and 1 just above the small through plated holes are two sets of pads marked 2 and 3. To connect the Bluetooth to pins 2 and 3 you need to solder the pairs of pads which will then connect TX and RX to pins 2 and 3. Now moving the UART/DLine switch to DLine will allow you to use SoftwareSerial. To make it a little more friendly I soldered a 2 pin female header to the prototping area and used fine copper wire to connect to the small though plated holes. Now I can connect to any pins I want for Software serial.

Upload the software serial sketch and with the switch set to DLine check you have two way communication. I use an Android app called Blueterm for bluetoooth communication with the Arduino.

Once everything is working well with Software serial, upload the AT Command sketch. Leave the selector switch to DLine and disconnect the power. Find the two small white switches on the Bluetoooth Bee board and move the top one over to the right (ON). Reapply the power and the STATE green led will flash slowly. The bluetooth unit is connected to the Software serial at 38400 and the Hardware serial runs at 9600. In the serial monitor make sure LF & CR are selected and type in AT then click the send button. If all is well you will see OK appear. Try AT+UART? and you should see 9600,0,0.

I hope this will prove useful to those still trying to get this shield working.

To view nearby Bluetooth devices and to discover their Bluetooth Addresses (to allow you to connect to them with this shield in Master mode) do the following:

Put into AT mode

AT+INIT (only do this once , after applying the power)
AT+INQM=0,9,30 (this will search for up to nine Bluetooth units)

The bluetooth addresses of nearby units will now be displayed. The address is the first three groups separated by a comma, there are two other groups of numbers.

My HC06 gave 13,1B,412154 as the address.

I can the use AT+LINK=13,1B,412154 to link to the HC06. Remember to make sure LF and CR are selected in the serial monitor, or send \r\n with each command. Once linked the blue led will light on the TinyOS board.

I can see my bluetooth GPS unit but at the moment I cannot link to it.

Hello rydepier.

I also bought two shield "TinyOS Bluetooth Bee" and I can not make it work, little information on the internet .. I'm going crazy ....

Please can you help me set up a first shield as a transmitter and as a second receiver, so that two Arduino Uno may Exchange data?

Now translate (I Italian) and I read your post, but the more information you give me, and I thank you ... more

For now, thanks to this first aid ...

i have open a new Topic in Arduino Forum > section Italy > hardware > Bluetooth 4.0 Bee-Ble programmazione

Because i hope to resolve this situation ...

Thanks friends...