TinySine Wifi Shield for Arduino UNO on Mac

Hi guys,

I just got my TinySine wifi shield and Im trying to follow the instructions in this video:


I was able to configure it thru the serial monitor on Arduino IDE. I have it connected to my linksys router with an IP and everything. I can ping it from the terminal on mac.

None of the Arduino sketches work. Im guessing this has to do with the fact that these are Arduino Tutorials that use the Arduino Wifi Library which calls functions that only work on an Arduino Wifi Shield.

So I got the WiFly library and Im now looking for examples using that library. I think this is the right library because I can see in my router's dhcp table that this is a WiFly-EZX. My product is this one:


If anyone knows any good tuts on this, Id greatly appreciate it. Im trying to post data to a webserver.


i got the same problem and i did the same than you, i was trying with Wifly and WiflyHQ library, but nothing work. you found any solution?