Tip and Ring?


I have an alarm system (DSC PowerSeries 8-64 Zone) that i bought lately. The sales rep told me that there is an add-on that you could buy that will text you when the alarm is triggered. This is when the alarm bells went of for my first Ardruino project. No this board has a couple of terminals (Tip, Ring, T1 and R1), where the GSM module connects to it. But now the problem is i dont know what Tip and Ring is for or what protocol it uses for communication?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Not sure it applies to your context, but in the world of hard-line telephone world, tip and ring are the names of the two wires connecting your house to the central switch of your phone company. This is the so called subscriber loop. During 'on-hook' times (phone hungup) the loop is at a 48vdc level with tip being negative relative to the ring wire. When you go off-hook (lift the handset up) the nominal 600 ohm impedance of the average telephone pulls this down to around 6vdc and any audio signal is superimposed on that DC level. Also while hung-up a ring signal of 90vac @ 20Hz is what signals a call and powered the old electromechanical ringer in the phone.

Again not sure that has anything to do with your device, but if it wires to your land-line phone, it probably is where the line wires to the unit.


Unless I'm mistaken, I believe it is where the Alarm system dials out to Police or alarm monitoring co.

Yes, it is where the alarm dials out on. Would i be able to interpret those DTFM signals on the Ardruino?

I believe so. This link is for an Arduino shield made for that purpose:


or this one:


with code here:


Here is an Arduino telephone dialer I made a while ago. There's lots of links and info about connecting to the phone line. Maybe it will be helpful.