TIP: Event Programming with Aiko

I’d like to share with you my experience as developer of the software part of arduino :slight_smile:
I have a strong experience as software architect (about 15 years of real problem solving as consultant).
I have done about six small arduino projects, trying different approach.
I’d like to suggest using the Aiko library GitHub - geekscape/Aiko: Original Aiko repository is now broken out into individual projects (see readme.markdown) for following reasons:

  • It is very simple, yet powerful: you get an event-driven micro framework. I find it better then timed Actions, but less complex in respect of bigger framework.
  • You can use the unit testing approach included in the sources for your own project. So you will be able to do unit testing in a very effective way.
  • You get also a nice Json-like parser for serial input/output

Event-driven framework are better suited when then numer of sensors and tasks grows: so give Aiko a try!
My two cents!