Tips for 12v, 5v and GND connection of an Arduino circuit

Hi i'm new of this forum, i'm a beginner so i apologize if the things i say may be obvious but i'm doing a school project inspired by a youtube video: linked an electric scheme: i'm doing this cocktail machine without the load cell but i have no idea of where to connect the 5volt , 12 volt and ground connections thanks in advance

What is your major? If it's mixology, then you are forgiven. If it's programming or engineering, then prepare to be savaged for not knowing how to read schematics or specifications.

Read the Nano description of how to power it: "The Arduino Nano can be powered via the Mini-B USB connection, 6-20V unregulated external power supply (pin 30), or 5V regulated external power supply (pin 27). The power source is automatically selected to the highest voltage source. "

The project schematic shows Vcc going into the Vin pin, and the Arduino regulator is supplying the 5V for the LCD and stepper motor.

You can also see the schematic of the Nano on, but I'll save you the trouble. To drive the motors, you need 12V supply at an amp or more (see the pump specifications).

So, connect the 12V power supply to the Vcc bus. The Arduino regulator will provide the 5V for the encoder and LCD.

Again, check the specifications of your stepper motor and LCD. The LM1117IMPX 5 volt regulator on the Nano can output a total of 800ma. The Nano itself needs 19ma, but be conservative and say 50ma. That leaves 750ma for the LCD and display. But since there's no heat sink on the regulator, I would degrade the rating by 50%. So, if your stepper motor and LCD require less than 375ma, you are probably OK. Otherwise you ned an external source for the stepper motor 5V.

Yeah, It's mixology thanks a lot, I wanted to be sure that everything was right in the connections I will make to avoid problems. Thanks again

To someone new to schematics, busses are a new concept. Every place that you see a wire labeled "5V" are connected together. The same for "12V" and "GND". So when you wire it together, you need to make those connections.

SteveMann: The LM1117IMPX 5 volt regulator on the Nano can output a total of 800ma.

Sadly, complete nonsense and very misleading to even suggest that to a newbie! :astonished: