Tips for a novice in arduino who wants to make a jukebox

Hello, i’m introducing my self in Arduino universe a short time a go, i trying to build a sd card mp3 player to be my first project, whit some MIDI devices (i think), like volume and some skip buttons and etc…
I going to use a Arduino UNO, a sd card module… but here comes the trouble.
I want to know if i can get a mp3 module from a normal mp3 player and put it on the Arduino, because i dont have acess to a Sparkfun shield.
And i don’t know what other modules i have to get to build that buttons and make it work at all.
If someone have a project similiar or alternative ways to do this jukebox i will be glad.

(Sorry for my poor english)



I've ordered some BY8001-16P MP3 Player for Arduino modules (EBAY).
This has SDcard built-in.