Tips on converting audio input into 0-5volt output


I'm looking for some advice on how to obtain a 0-5volt signal from an audio input in order to turn it into a movement output.

Any help welcome! Cheers,


The simplest way would be to add a DC bias to the signal to raise the voltage swing from the 0 voltage centerpoint to something above 0 volts. To know what bias voltage to use, you need to know what the voltage swing from your source is (is your source line or speaker level?).

Once you know that, then you simply apply the bias to the "positive" of your source signal before inputing it into the analog pin (you might want to add a capacitor before this stage to keep the DC voltage out of the output stage of your source - some are already capacitively coupled, but an extra one might save the day if you don't know for sure); you will also have to put the upper end of that voltage range into the ADC vref pin on the Arduino as well.

That's the (really rough) basics of how to get the signal into the Arduino; once there just do the analogRead() on the pin and use the value to actuate whatever device you are connecting to.

If you look at this link you will see sound input biasing on the input side:-