Tips on programming a soundboard for a Nerf Blaster

Hello and good day. I have tried searching so I am sorry if this has already been done. I am a noob with programming, the only thing I have successfully done is a Light up Part for a cosplay. I am rebuilding a Nerf CS50 Titan. Till now I have just used an app on my phone for sound through a BT Box. I would like to make a soundboard that I can build inside the Nerf blaster and just use an Aux out for sound. Pretty much, pull the trigger the motor startup sound starts and while the trigger is held it plays the firing sound then when I let go the firing stops and the motor slows to a stop. I have access to the sound files I just can't find any examples of code I can use. Any help is appreciated and once again I am sorry for the Noob question.

You can do it without an Arduino. All you need is a DFPlayer MP3 module, a speaker, and power.
Check this out:

It's tiny, cheap, and easy to use.

Yeah, I see the idea but not quite what I'm looking for. The idea I'm looking for is similar to an Ecto 1 siren.

Pushing a button starts up sound 1 then plays sound 2 indefinitely till you let go.
Letting go ends sound 2 and plays sound 3.

Cool, I get it. It's still possible without an Arduino, but is this case it probably is easier with one.
You've already described the software very well:

  • you need to know when a key is pressed, held, and released
  • you need to know how to raise and lower pins
  • you need to know how to control the DFPlayer with Arduino

Then you can add your sounds as MP3s
There are loads of tutorials on these topics.

Or you can make the sound directly with the Arduino and run it through an amp.

Ok cool. I have a friend that knows a lot more than I do. He'll help me out a bit. Worst case I found sound files with different timed bursts

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