Tips on RF Communication & Coding Between Two Arduinos

Hello there, I am trying to figure out where to go from my current state in my project.

Currently, I am trying to figure out how to write in my code for both ends the actual transmitting and receiving portion. For reference, I am using two sensors on the transmitting end with an Arduino Mega and want to send through a 434 MHz link transmitter/receiver to an Uno.

There is more to my project, but I figure it would be best to start here. I have tried researching by myself, but my lack of experience yields me to more confusion. Any advice/help/tips would be greatly beneficial.


I've been meaning to try some rf Arduino comms but not got round to it. When I was doing some searching I found this which might help? The author is a forum member.

Hey, this looks quite useful. I guess my next question is, say I have one sensor that outputs one number (Temperature) and another sensor that outputs three numbers (X,Y,Z), where would I incorporate that in. I assume at the TX code, but how?

By the way, thanks for the help. I appreciate it.