Tips to what sensors to buy

I bought a standard startingkit for arduino this summer. Since then I have tried to google projects I can try to have a little fun with, but every time I find something interesting I have to get a LOT of extra equiptment to be able to build it. Therefore I have decided to add some more sensors to my arduino collection. It can be more of what I already have, like more motors, or something compleatly different like a wifi shield, bluetooth and so on. Bottom line is, I want theese sensors to make it easier for me to come up with projects I actually have the equiptment to compleat.
The startingkit I already have is very similar to this
Thank you in advance

Have a feeling its not sensors that you need, more a fuller project to work with.

Often its a way of automating an existing hobby, such as a controller for modelling,fish tank,car extras or home automation etc etc.

How about using your existing sensors in to the Arduino and using a cheap JY-MCU bluetooth board to send the data to your mobile phone with an App you have created yourself from free programs like App Inventor .

If you have those things in your kit 'and' have mastered using them with the Arduino, you should be able to answer your own request.

It's not how many sensors you have.

Understanding coding and interfacing will at some point make you proficient enough to be able to come up with applications and solutions as needed.

Have you looked at the offerings from Adafruit and Sparkfun?

BTW neopixels are fun.