Tisunion--Special B2B Platform for Trade in Services

The China International Trading Platform for Trade in Services is a state level, internationalized, comprehensive B2B E-Commerce trading and information platform. It focuses especially on providing efficient and reliable matchmaking services for Chinese and Global enterprises alike, within the service trade sector.

The purposes of the platform are to help facilitate the development of service trade with proper matchmaking and trade recommendations, propel the process of industrial restructures for Chinese corporations, and influence the transformation of China’s mode of economic development through the help of electronic commerce.

Help enterprises in the service trade sector expand to the global market
Help matchmaking business opportunities for corporations worldwide
Help companies and businesses invest, land, and establish abroad

SERVICE INDUSTRIES (name a few) include
Service Outsourcing
Cultural and Related Services
Business Services
Financial Services
Communication Services
Educational Services
Distribution Services
Environmental Services
Logistic Services
Health and Social Services
Construction Services
Tourism Services