TJ Bearytales

Hi everyone,

Have any of you hacked a TJ Bearytales bear? Seen some successful Teddy Ruxpin ones but I really want to control a TJ!

I have opened him up and he has a circuit board and can identify an h-bridge on the bottom left of it.

The h-bridge is a Fanchild FAN8100N:

Accordingly the h-bridge pings are:

Pin Definitions Note: ( ) FAN8100MTC Pin Number Pin Name I/O Pin Function Description 1(12) REVERSEB I Reverse logic input for channel B 2(13) FORWARDB I Forward logic input for channel B 3(14) OUT2B O Output2 of channel B FIN(1) GND - Ground 4(2) OUT1B O Output1 of channel B 5(3) PVCCB - Supply voltage for channel B output 6(4) VCC - Logic and control circuit supply voltage 7(5) D1A O Cathode of OUT1A upper diode 8(6) PVCCA - Supply voltage for channel A output 9(7) OUT1A O Output1 of channel A FIN(8) GND - Ground 10(9) OUT2A I Output2 of channel A 11(10) FORWARDA I Forward logic input for channel A 12(11) REVERSEA I Reverse logic input for channel A

Then there are 20 wires soldered going to various places and I know some are from the hbridge but wondering why there are 12 outputs on the h-bridge and 20 pins? I can possibly count 4 GND wires so where could the others be going?

Sorry I am fairly new and it is a daunting attempt probably but once I have found out what each wire does I can hopefully make some progress!

Regards, Neil

Have fun. I've never heard of that toy. Perhaps you can see if the manufacturer will give you a circuit diagram.

Thanks Chris,

Good idea and have just emailed them :)