TL1290 Buttons with bi-directional LEDs

I think I’ve got it right, but to be sure, can someone take a look at this. It’s the:

I have the YL/GR version of LED’s.
If I connect all the LED’s one leg to an Arduino pin through a resistor, and each LED’s other leg to a different pin, I should be able to drive any LED, either GR or YL, correct?
Here’s my schematic to make my question easier:

edit: When I made the part in Eagle, it just represents a TL1290 with 1 LED, but mine are the bi-directional ones…

Buttons TL1920.pdf (41.2 KB)

The problem with that circuit is that the LED brightness will depend on how many LEDs are on. You need a resistor in seriese with each LED.

Ah yes, 2 of Them would cut the current in half, & by the time 4-5 of them are lit up, they won't be lit up. :zipper_mouth_face: did I say that??