TLC 5940

does anyone know how to connect a TLC 5940 to an IR censor?
where would it connect to on the bread board?

Why would you connect a part designed to provide PWM control of LEDs to an IR Sensor?

what do u suggest we use to control a few hundred LEDs hooked up to TLC 5940 drivers and an arduino uno?

Too vague a question.
TLC5940 controls 16 LEDs.
You are proposing how many drivers?
Will the LEDs be multiplexed in banks?
Say for argument you had qty 4 TLC5940, controlling 64 LEDs, and you had additional circuitry (P-channel MOSFETs) so there were 4 banks of LEDs, so groups of 64 turned on one bank at a time, and switched between banks so that each bank was on 8mS at a time. Then you have 256 LEDs (meets the definitions of "hundreds") and would give the impression of them all being on together thru "persistence of vision".

The P-channel MOSFETs and the 4 TLC5940 are easily controlled by an Uno.

Now, what are these 256 LEDs to do? You need to clarify that part.
There is a TLC5940 library, perhaps that mixed with P-channel MOSFET control is all you need.