TLC5940 and RGB led cube guidance

Hello, I would like to build an RGB LED cube. I am engineering student and have experience with electronics. I already built a single color 5x5x5 LED cube with shift registers and I would like to make something bigger with RGB LED's.

My plan is to build an 8x8x8 RGB LED cube. I have done some research and it seems that the Texas Instruments TLC5940 might be a good candidate to drive the LED's. Since I'm still a student and have little to no experience designing my own stuff I would like for ask for some guidance. I found a way to arrange the LED's, but Im not too sure that it will work with the TLC5940: The image above would be 1 of the 8 panels that would have to be built.

My main goal is to drive the LED's with as little pins as possible.

My main questions are: Does driving 8 panels of RGB LED's like the one mentioned seem feasible? Would you happen to know of a different solution to arrange the LEDs? Are there other chips that could work as a solution to this?

MAXIM Integrated has chips that charlieplex 64 leds with 9 pins(MAX6950), could I use some of these chips as drivers?

Any comments or help is appreciated. Thanks