TLC5940 and Sparkfun Pro-Micro 5v

Hello everyone!

I was unable to find any documentation on the problem I am having and figured I would pose it here. I hope this is the correct forum for this question. . .

I have a project where I am driving 36 bi-color LEDs using a TLC5940 along with 2 74HC595N's while utilizing the TLC5940 Library. During the breadboard version of my circuit, I had used an Arduino Uno and everything worked great! But as I moved to my final circuit and switched to a Sparkfun Pro-Micro 5v (to conserve space) now nothing works. While searching the web, the only thing I found was this from the individuals that created the TLC5940 Library:

I followed these pin outs and still have nothing. I have a feeling I have to modify the library somewhere to work properly but I have never modified any of the libraries before. My question is: has anyone else tried this particular set-up and know if I do indeed need to modify the TLC5940 library to work properly with the Pro-Micro? And if that is the case, if someone could walk me through it?

Any and all help would be amazing! Thanks for taking the time to help me out.

The TLC5940 libary makes use of timers that the processor you are using either does not have or are at a differant address. Therefore it will be hard to modify the libary even if you did know what you were doing.

Thank you for the reply! This morning, I actually got it working! It was user error on my point to point circuit; I had 2 wires backwards. It was one of those cases of looking at it with fresh eyes the next day and the problem smacked me right in the face.

And just for the record: hooking up the Pro-Micro how its listed in that link did work without modifying any libraries or anything.

Once again, thanks for the quick response!

OK thanks for reporting that, it is good to know.