TLC5940 code

Hi, I am ok with arduino but I am absolutely brand new to the tlc5940 led driver. To help me get started, I would like to know the exact code ( libraries, etc.) to make the tlc5940 light up 16 leds off of sayyy.. pin number 5 on the atmega328. From there, I want to know how many tlc5940's I can hook up to one atmega328. Each tlc will be turned on or off based on reading from an individual analog pin, so I imagine I will only get about 4 tlc's per atmega, which is fine...

thanks in advance!!

I have no idea what a TLC5940 is, but I'm guessing it's a digital multiplexer.

No matter, I think you need to read the datasheet for it before asking here. Chances are, if somebody is going to help you, the first thing they're going to do is read the datasheet and then post the answers to your questions. Just doing it yourself will make you a better person. :P

Well, I looked it up. A PWM multiplexer is basically a digital multiplexer, kind of, right guys? Right?

Yes, that is what it is. I am following this dumb tutorial.... but it doesn't really tell me how to write the code/ setup the code or whatever to use the tlc5940

plus, when I download and unzip the library, there is NO basics part in the file/examples of the library, only Matrix and Serial. Sucks!

sample beginning code please?

From the page you linked:

Getting Started Open the BasicUse example in the Arduino IDE. It should be in File?Sketchbook?Examples?Library-Tlc5940.

yep I did that, only Matrix and Serial appear, and they are confusing, not basic