Tlc5940 error

Hi, maybe who knows why this error shows?

Probably because you haven’t defined Tlc and NUM_TLCS.

By the way, it’s better if you copy and paste the code and errors, rather than linking to an image.

how to defined Tlc? this is sample code and not working

I've just downloaded the library, and the BasicUse example compiles ok. Looking at the position of the scroll bar on your image, we can't see all of the errors. I would guess the compiler can't find Tlc5940.h, so you probably don't have the library in the correct location.

picture shows all error, so how can I fix this problem?

Have you downloaded the TCL5940 library and placed it in your arduino-1.0\libraries folder?

Also posting a picture of code to test is useless as nobody wants to have type it in again to see if it goes. Please post code using the 'insert code" button.

thanks man!!!

No worries.

Also I think there is a strange thing happening with the use of direction as a variable as it's coloured like it's important. If you have problems still try calling it _direction.