Tlc5940 multiplexing code

Some good news and a question.

After tinkering all day I finally ‘got it’ and was able to scale and layout a new ledBuffer. The trouble was that I was only getting the last 4 rows to light up. After some trial and error I found if I comment out the code to get the state of the push-buttons, the rest of the rows turn on as expected. I don’t have buttons on my project. Do you know why that bit of code would interfere?

Here’s the code I commented out:

// read the state of the push buttons
    for(uint8_t i = 0 ; i<multiplexColoums; i++){
        buttonPressed[i][scan] = digitalRead(switchInput[i]);	

Full code:
Modified driver:
Modified sketch:

Well done for getting it, my Wife looked at my last post and said "that is just rubbish!"

It looks like you hadn't expanded the keyboard buffer to take the extra non existent keys and that was over writing your LED buffer.